Thursday, 22 March 2012

World Water Day

Although we may not have a large fan-base, a lot of our listeners and contacts come from all over the world which means our voice can get heard. We aim to simply raise awareness about World Water Day to all our listeners and followers and help people get clean, hygienic water. We have 'donated our voice' so that can post facts and information to our Twitter account; you can donate yours here and help raise awareness easily -

'Today much of the world faces a global safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene crisis. In contrast to easy access to taps and toilets across the United States, one out of every eight people worldwide lacks safe drinking water and two out of every five people lack adequate sanitation. ' -

You can learn more about the situation through YouTube - - or watching the videos below from the founders and WheezyWaiter:
You can read more about it here -
Donate your voice here -
Spread the word! 

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