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Returning soon -  Feel The Vibe: Playlist
'Feel The Vibe: Playlist' delivers you a selection of songs brought to you by your Feel The Vibe radio show host, Adrian. With less talk and more music, 'Feel The Vibe: Playlist' aims to deliver songs weekly in between each series of Feel The Vibe radio shows.
The Feel The Vibe radio show brings you songs from all the alternative genres, from indie to rock, from urban to punk, from dubstep to dancehall and drum and bass to funk. 
All of this in almost 40 to 50 minutes. You will also get to hear some exclusive interviews, first-play songs and many other things.
The show's categories includes:
- The Album of the Week - where a song that describes the album best will be played
- The Exclusive Vibe of the Week  - an exclusive worldwide play will be aired in the show
- Single of the Week - is the song that was on replay all over the past days worldwide
- NEW VIBE - In this category, Adrian plays a song from an up-and-coming artist that you never heard of
- Playlist Entry - Presenting the song that from this moment will be part of Just Another Radio's playlist

If you feel that this radio show fits you, then don't hesitate and give it a listen at it's Spreaker page and also catch up in premiere with Adrian Fridays from 8pm (UK time).

The show is made in Romania and it's radio host is Adrian. Adrian is a 18-year old teenager from Pitesti, Romania that loves sharing the best music with his listeners. In love with tennis and films, his passion for radio started in 2008 with a debut on a local internet radio station. Now, he delivers the best alternative music at Just Another Radio.
Feel The Vibe!

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