Just Another Radio is an internet radio station that specializes in playing alternative rock, indie and general feel-good songs that you'll enjoy and will hopefully widen your tastes in music. 

The campaigns that Just Another Radio includes the unique Top 10 Chart Show every Sunday (at 12noon and 7pm GMT). This chart show isn't influenced by downloads, as that gives an unfair advantage over good, but less well known artists.

The Ultimate Playlist, or for Twitter users #UP or #UltimatePlaylist, is a user-generated playlist of people favourite songs. We're still building it up and hopefully one day we will broadcast it on an 'Ultimate Day' or play  'Ultimate Songs Selection' at a certain time slot.

As we encourage up-and-coming artists, we allow them to be featured on Just Another Radio and promote them through our website. In return all we ask is you get people to listen to Just Another Radio, as then more people will hear you plus we get more listening hours.

We are also the hosts to Adrian's Feel The Vibe radio show which is also available on demand. To find out more visit the 'Feel The Vibe' tab.

You can find out more about the current campaigns and future campaigns on Just Another Radio around the website.

We're people. We're music fanatics. We're headphone fanatics. We're good at using repetition. We're Just Another Radio. We're not just another radio. We're confused.