Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Top 10 - Week 8 - February 26th 2012

So that is this weeks Top 10! Florence + The Machine has finally gained a Number 1 spot on our charts and that element of fun 'All Star - Smash Mouth' is still in there to liven it up a little. We hope you liked this weeks charts! Send requests to and find the other charts at - - or the Top 10 Chart Show tab on this website.

Open these songs on Spotify here - (Please note 'These Times' was not available on Spotify, so we have replaced it with 'Charlie Brown - Coldplay')

Stats & Monthly Review - Advanced User

 'We're glad to announce you that your daily average audience is 121 streamed hours [on average over a 30 day period], thus you have reached the audience level required. Congratulations!'

Just Another Radio lives on! We've just received the email to say we can continue broadcasting for 6 months because we've had enough listeners. February has been a busy month for Just Another Radio; we smashed our own highest record several times (it currently stands at over 200 listening hours in one day!) and have added/are adding lots of new (incredible) Up-and-Coming artists. In addition, we've been featured on the front page of Radionomy itself! As well as this, at the start of February, we had the Indie themed Top 10 and created that ever-so-awesome post on the best Indie songs of 2012 so far. Although we haven't had any live shows yet, that doesn't mean we haven't been working on them! They are almost ready to get broadcasting, we just need to fix and fine tune some technical shenanigans. 

'Your radio is now 'Advanced', and you have a 6 months period to reach the second audience level of 130 daily streamed hours to become a 'Premium' user.' 

However, the work to keep Just Another Radio doesn't stop here. Very recently stats have been lower than normal and this is impacting our average streaming hours. We need to get over 130 average hours and that means we need you to keep tuning in! March is filled with lots of ideas for Just Another Radio from improved Top 10 live shows, more music, more up-and-coming artists and starting work on a project for our YouTube channel. 
Keep listening!

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Cat That Walks Alone - New Single Out Today!

The Cat That Walks Alone's latest single 'Push/Pull' is out today!
You may remember The Cat That Walks Alone as one of our Up-and-Coming artists (see article here) and we have been playing the song Push/Pull on the radio, but now you can finally buy it yourself! We completely agree that this has an 'infectious' tune and we know it will have a large appeal to our audience. On a more personal level, as soon as I hear that first riff when it starts playing on Just Another Radio, I can help but smile! It's a really great track and after a few listens, you will be singing it in your head all day!

You can purchase it here - - from the secure site, Bandcamp as well as other major digital outlets. - 
You can email to join the mailing list.

Press read more to see the lyrics :)

The Product - Up-and-Coming artist

The Product are a new rock/alternative band on the scene. Since starting their band in Detroit, they are now releasing their newest EP in the first quarter of 2012 and we wanted to make sure you have heard about them! Their latest single 'Make Your Move' is a powerful 'hard hitting' rock song, with a great rhythm, great vocals and will leave you asking, why have I never heard of them before?! We've personally contacted them because we really wanted them added to our Up-and-Coming artists so that you rock fans can hear them! You can learn everything you need to know in the image attached below (click to enlarge) or visit their website!

Please take a read through their onesheet for more information about them!
Support them through Facebook and Twitter!
Facebook -  Twitter -  @ProductRock
We wish them the very best for the future and we recommend that you check them out!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Good News!

I had 9 months to get that average hours per day to 130 and hopefully we will achieve it by the end of month 3! 
I've been busy all week dealing with LOTS of brilliant artists who I will be adding to the Up-and-Coming section! The good news continues with yesterdays radio listening hours smashing the other records at 243.02 hours! Thank you for everyone who tunes in! Just Another Radio is now radio of the week on Radionomy and the 'Top 15 Songs of 2012 (so far)' post is doing really well in Google Rankings and blog views! As well as this this blog has just surpassed 2000 blog views, so thank you once again! I really hope you enjoy listening to Just Another Radio and keep visiting this website to hear those Up-and-Coming artists!
Thank you!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Top 10 - Week 7 - February 19th 2012

Smash Mouth have taken the Number 1 spot in this week's charts with the old but awesome song 'All Star'. 

If you want to add to the charts, ultimate playlist,want to be featured in live show/podcasts or need promoting/advertising - contact us at 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Cat That Walks Alone - Up-and-Coming Artist

Recently added to our Up-and-Coming section is the Indie Rock artist 'The Cat That Walks Alone'. 

His second single Push/Pull is released on the 27th February 
2012. We think this new single will have you playing this song on repeat; his unique voice just seems to perfectly fit the detailed rhythm - not forgetting the catchy choruses. It's an outstanding track and we wish Cameron (a.k.a. The Cat That Walks Alone) great success in the future. The new single Push/Pull is now airing on Just Another Radio and we encourage you to purchase the track (if you like it as much as we do) when it is released on the 27th February.

''Push/Pull is the follow up single to his debut, which has now sold over 500 copies through airplay and word of mouth alone.  The new single’s intricately layered guitars weave around an infectious synth and soaring chorus giving elements of MGMT, Biffy Clyro and Grandaddy, yet remaining characteristic of The Cat That Walks Alone in it's distinct vocals and pounding groove."

“Gorgeous...”  Gary Crowley, BBC Introducing
“With big choruses, and an unmistakeable voice, The Cat is definitely one to watch!” The Good Villager
“A cracker of a debut..”  Jim Gellatly, In:demand Uncut

You can support The Cat That Walks Alone through Facebook, Twitter and Myspace or visit his website. - -
You can email to join the mailing list.

Go to to pre-order Push/Pull.
Also available from iTunes, Amazing Tunes, Amazon, bandcamp and all other major digital outlets.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Top 15 Indie Songs of 2012 (so far)

This week's Top 10 Chart has been Indie themed and included in it were some fairly recent releases. I have scoured the internet and music world to find some of the best Indie songs of 2012 and-compiled them into the list of awesomeness below. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments or email and I'll add some more songs! 
The format is: Song Title, Artist (always in bold), video link and additional notes.

15. How Much Can You Swallow So Much Sleep - Bombay Bicycle Club - Video - Stop-motion video
14. Princess of China - Coldplay and Rihanna - Video - A bit more alternative than indie, but still a great track. 
13. Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) - Foster The People - Video - A recent hit by Foster The People
12.  Iverness Ironworld - Kassidy - Video - December 2011/January 2012
11. The Chambers & The Valves - Dry The River - Video - Creative music video 
10. Nothing Lasts Forever - SUDDYN - Video - One of our Up-and-Coming artists.
9. Runaway - Imperial Teen - Video - A recent hit by 'Imperial Teen'
8. We Should  Be Swimming - Zulu Winter - Video - Recent release (Feb 8th) 
7. Charlie - The Deets - Video - A new Indie band with a 'Fratellis'-esque style.
6. These Times - Walk Off The Earth - Video - This week's number 1 on our Top 10 Chart 
5. Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men - Video -  Surreal video, great tune.
4. Alpaca Sports - Just For Fun - Video - Not very well known but a very cheerful song
3. No Light, No Light - Florence + The Machine  - Video - 'One of the best tracks on the album' 
2. Somebody That I Used To Know (Original) -Gotye (feat. Kimbra) - Video
1. Somebody That I Used To Know (Cover) - Walk Off The Earth  - Video

Some notable Indie songs from previous years: Satellite Stories - Kids Aren't Safe in The Metro (2010) - Video, PASA - Sirkus - Video (not very well known), Los Campesinos - You! Me! Dancing! - Video, The Temper Trap - Fader - Video.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Indie Top 10 Reminder

 Just Another Radio will be airing the 'Indie Week' Top 10 chart show on Sunday 12th February at 12:00 (noon) and again at 19:00 (GMT). 

Any suggestions for the next week's normal Top 10 charts will be welcomed - contact us . You can check out previous weeks of the Top 10 Charts on the Top 10 Charts tab at the top of the page

Friday, 10 February 2012

Featured on Radionomy!

Just Another Radio has been featured on the Radionomy front page (on the same day as my birthday)!
Check it out here- - on the slideshow in the middle! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know - Walk Off The Earth (Cover)

Leading up to this week's Indie Top 10, here is (an awesome) music video by (the awesome) Walk Off The Earth. The (awesome) song that they cover (awesomely) is a recent Indie hit by Gotye called 'Somebody That I Used To Know'. The video shows the 5 members playing on 1 guitar, and as the comments will show you, the guy on the far right is epic.

Now Available on Mobile Devices

TuneIn Radio (free or paid for Pro)
Radionomy App (free) 

Just Another Radio is now available iPhone and Android.

You can access Just Another Radio from your mobile device by downloading TuneIn Radio or Radionomy apps. Then, all you need to do is search 'Just Another Radio'. As Just Another Radio is an internet radio, you must have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. 

Both of the apps are free, however you can purchase TuneIn Radio Pro for 61p on the Android Market or 69p on the Apple AppStore.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Stat's Review (Update)

As you may or may not know, in order to keep my radio going, I need to get a certain amount of listening hours. After a specific time period, the stats are reviewed by the hosting site and then that determines whether the radio continues. 
Seven days ago, when I did the last stats review, I had achieved 70 listening hours average per day (over 30 day average). In these seven days, I have beaten my record amount of listening hours three times! Yesterday saw the highest amount of listening hours Just Another Radio had ever had - 164 hours.
Most recent stats :D 
The next Stats Review post will be at the end of the month, so no more boring stuff 'till then.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Updated Blog

I have added the 'Top 10 Chart Show's' tab to give you links that have direct access to previous charts and chart news. You can also click on the 'Chart Comparison' links to find the chart comparison article.

The 'Review's' tab has been removed as it wasn't being used. However, it may return in the form of a voting poll.

The 'About Us' section has been updated with more information about the campaigns Just Another Radio does as well as a brief description of Just Another Radio.

The updated Facebook page and twitter page includes the current logo and updated links and information. Also, hopefully some 'Follow Us' and 'Like Us' buttons will appear on the blog in the next few days.

The 'Copyright's' page has also been updated, with more detail. UPDATE: The tab has been removed and the information now can be found at the bottom of the website.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Top 10 - Indie Week!

Next week's Top 10 will be 100% Indie for one week only and then the chart show will return back to normal the next week! Tune in at 12 noon and 7pm on Sunday to hear what are our Top 10 Indie songs!

Top 10 Chart Comparison (29th & 5th)

A new song called 'Tongue Tied' by 'Grouplove' has taken this weeks number 1 spot, knocking 'Jerk it Out' down to number 5. After 5 weeks of holding on strong, 'Shake it Out' has disappeared off the charts, however Florence + The Machine re-enters the chart at number 2 with 'No Light, No Light'. At number 3 is 'Civilization' by 'Justice' (the people who made the 'D.A.N.C.E' song).  They got this song partially because how strange/awesome the music video is (see below). Another new entry, includes the not-so-new 'Five Years Time' by Noah and The Whale. The songs that have disappeared from last week's charts include 'Dakota', 'Rose', 'Fast Cars' and 'Shake it Out'. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's charts and please tune in next week at the same time (12 noon or 7pm GMT) for a special Top 10 show to be revealed later!
                                                    The music video to 'Civilization - Justice'

Top 10 - Week 5 - 4th February 2012

GROUPLOVE have achieved the Number 1 spot in this week's charts with 'Tongue Tied! 
(Analysis/comparison with last week's charts coming soon) 
If you want to add to the charts, ultimate playlist,want to be featured in live show/podcasts or need promoting/advertising - contact us at 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

SUDDYN - Up-and-Coming Artist

SUDDYN are a recent up-and-coming band to be added to Just Another Radio. As a personal opinion, their songs are very well-written - they are also extremely catchy with great rhythms!They will be added to the 'Up-and-Coming' tab above, along with Kevin M Thomas.

SUDDYN'S Biography
Developing their piano-driven electro-rock sound into what it is today, SUDDYN stemmed from humble beginnings in Montauk, New York, growing into the international band they have become. Formed by brothers Alan (vocals, piano, synths) and Jarrett (guitar, vocals, bass) Steil, the band honed its music while touring through Ireland. Using their allure to crack the Irish music scene, the group returned to New York with 3 Top 30 hits, a devoted following, and a string of equally impressive hangovers. Blessed with panty-dropping good looks, they bring energy and presence to their shows unmatched since Genghis Khan conquered Mongolia. Incorporating a savvy knowledge of production values, SUDDYN followed their debut EP Dark Lights, with Before the City, produced by Grammy Award-winner David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Sublime). 

In 2011, trading winter jackets and pasty skin for sunglasses and tans, SUDDYN brought the show to the West Coast. Playing an intensive schedule in LA-area bars and clubs, they garnered heavy attention from KROQ and MTV. 

Continuing with their budding success they have shared the stage over the past year with the likes of Vampire Weekend; Matt and Kim; We Are Scientists and Bright Eyes. Their new music video for “Nothing Lasts Forever" is really gathering steam as well having been featured on Much Music's The Wedge, Music Choice,, Yahoo Music and it was AOL’s music video of the day. 

Thanks to SUDDYN for providing the images and biography.

If you are a musician and would like to be promoted and aired on Just Another Radio, contact us at with your requests and songs attached.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Kevin M. Thomas - Up-and-Coming Artist

Recently added to our radio, is the up-and-coming acoustic rock artist, Kevin M. Thomas, from Washington, D.C. His musical styles are similar to the likes of Sting, Steve Perry and Bruce Dickinson.
His material has been featured in MTV/Spike TV Series, "10 Things Every Guy Should Experience", in addition to International TV Film series such as, "Distant Shores", "Studio 54", "Cyber Seduction", 
"Vinegar Hill" as well as with Microsoft Internet and Ringback Tones. 

His voice has been likened to Steve Perry of Journey.  His original music is deep and emotional.  Outside of SL, Kevin has written Classical Compositions in his Chamber Music Collection and his Piano Collection.  In RL, Kevin's day job has him doing investigative work which lends to his amazing insight into Corporate America and of course lends a hand to his lyrical genius.  Kevin's music has been used on MTV and several overseas television and radio shows.

His CD entitled "Season 1" is out now to buy on iTunes , you can visit his website here and his Tumblr here. Also, follow him on Twitter here

If you are a musician and would like to be promoted and aired on Just Another Radio, contact us at with your requests and songs attached.