Thursday, 23 February 2012

Good News!

I had 9 months to get that average hours per day to 130 and hopefully we will achieve it by the end of month 3! 
I've been busy all week dealing with LOTS of brilliant artists who I will be adding to the Up-and-Coming section! The good news continues with yesterdays radio listening hours smashing the other records at 243.02 hours! Thank you for everyone who tunes in! Just Another Radio is now radio of the week on Radionomy and the 'Top 15 Songs of 2012 (so far)' post is doing really well in Google Rankings and blog views! As well as this this blog has just surpassed 2000 blog views, so thank you once again! I really hope you enjoy listening to Just Another Radio and keep visiting this website to hear those Up-and-Coming artists!
Thank you!

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