Sunday, 5 February 2012

Top 10 Chart Comparison (29th & 5th)

A new song called 'Tongue Tied' by 'Grouplove' has taken this weeks number 1 spot, knocking 'Jerk it Out' down to number 5. After 5 weeks of holding on strong, 'Shake it Out' has disappeared off the charts, however Florence + The Machine re-enters the chart at number 2 with 'No Light, No Light'. At number 3 is 'Civilization' by 'Justice' (the people who made the 'D.A.N.C.E' song).  They got this song partially because how strange/awesome the music video is (see below). Another new entry, includes the not-so-new 'Five Years Time' by Noah and The Whale. The songs that have disappeared from last week's charts include 'Dakota', 'Rose', 'Fast Cars' and 'Shake it Out'. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's charts and please tune in next week at the same time (12 noon or 7pm GMT) for a special Top 10 show to be revealed later!
                                                    The music video to 'Civilization - Justice'

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