Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween & music from Kristen Lawrence!

From Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' to our new up-and-coming artist, Kristen Lawrence, at Just Another Radio we will be playing a handful of Halloween treats on the radio! However, as you can probably see, the treats don't end there; the website title has been changed so it is fit for Halloween and we will be revealing the new blog title after Halloween!

One of today's treats is the music from Kristen Lawrence - a musician who contacted us with  great Halloween, classical, gothic and alternative songs. So, being added to one of our up-and-coming artists list, it is almost vital now that we must give you all the information about the artist!                                   
  Kristen Lawrence
organ lounge 1.jpg

If the Halloween Town of Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' had a resident  keyboardist, it would be Kristen Lawrence.  Keyboard Magazine

Kristen Lawrence is a talented organist, vocalist and composer from California. She is classically trained and produces gothic music for the Halloween season. 

Influenced by Bach, Tori Amos, Loreena McKennitt, Danny Elfman, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Nightwish, Kristen Lawrence creates a unique set of lyrics and incorporates music styles from a variety of genres to create music in the most elegant and atmospheric way.

Her 'Halloween Carols' have proved a great hit amongst people across the world and we hope you enjoy them! You can read more at: 

Useful Links:

Free 'Halloween Carol' Downloads
As our final treat for today, you can download some of Kristen Lawrence's tracks for free at -
Additionally, if you like the taster of tracks, you can visit the following websites to purchase her albums:

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Behind-The-Scenes on Just Another Radio - October 2012

Coming Soon

There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work over the last few weeks so we thought it was about time to tell you what has been going on. Over Summer we had a great run of Feel The Vibe shows which wrapped up Series 2 only a few weeks ago. We announced that we were going to air another Feel The Vibe segment called Feel The Vibe: Playlist for the weeks in between each series of the Feel The Vibe: Shows; it would feature the great new releases of music as well as up-and-coming artists.

Additionally, we have been working on a few improvements to our designs - including the cover photo you can see above. The icon in the centre may be something you will be seeing in the future a lot more; all will be revealed shortly!

As Just Another Radio isn't just another radio (who'd a thought it!) but an online platform, we will be making improvements across the web.

Firstly, YouTube. In a few weeks once we have created some suitable graphics, we will be releasing interviews, music from up-and-coming artists and more onto our YouTube channel 'JustAnotherRadioTV'.

Secondly, Mixcloud. We are making the transition from Spreaker to Mixcloud for our Feel The Vibe shows, so that we interact with a greater audience and you can view the songs in each show.

Then, last but not least, we will debut on iTunes in the form of a podcast. Hopefully before Christmas, a podcast will be release with the finest selection of music from up-and-coming artists, hosted by Adrian (from the Feel The Vibe radio shows)

To top it all off, we will be making general improvements to music playlists on the radio, improving ease of use when submitting music as well as a few Halloween treats from a new up-and-coming artist. Furthermore, we are working closely on a special project that focuses on the audiences interaction with  bands, which hopefully you will see more of in the next few months.

As a quick note, a new Radionomy platform has been released with a new online radio manager. We are waiting a few weeks before we air the Feel The Vibe Playlist shows again so that all the issues with the new platform can be resolved. Follow our tweets @Radio_JAR to stay tuned about the latest things that have been going on and to hear about new projects first!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Feel The Vibe Playlist Update - 28th September 2012

Here is the incredible selection of music for the recent weeks as chosen by Adrian, the Feel The Vibe radio show and Feel The Vibe: Playlist host. We were unable to air some of these songs but here is the full list so you can go and check them out yourself! We'll be back soon with an updated version of this week's playlist, similar to last week's -! Enjoy the music! 

Last week's playlist:
Madeon - The City
Handguns - Last October
Spector - Celestine 
While She Sleeps - Seven Hills 
Don Broco - Actors 
Canterbury - Something Better
Futures - Get Out
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down 
The 1975 - Antichrist 
Lower Than Atlantis - Love Someone Else 
Deaf Havana - Little White Lies 
You Me at Six - Reckless 
Green Day - Oh, Love! 
Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone
Enter Shikari - Meltdown 
We Caught The Castle - Time to Grow
Jayali - I Still Love H.E.R. 
Kesha Van Ford - The One That Got Away (Remix)

This week's additions: 

We are the Ocean - Machine
The Futureheads - Hounds of Love
The Script - Good Ol’ Days
Straight Lines - Ring the Bells
Feeder - Idaho
The Twang - Barney Rubble
Mumford and Sons - I will wait
Go:Radio - Close the Distance
Further Seems Forever - So Cold

Twitter - @iFeelTheVibe and @Radio_JAR
You can connect with us using the hashtag #FeelTheVibeFriday

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Feel The Vibe Playlist - September 2012 Playlist - 21.9.12

Madeon - The City
Handguns - Last October
Spector - Celestine 
While She Sleeps - Seven Hills 
Don Broco - Actors 
Canterbury - Something Better
Futures - Get Out
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down 
The 1975 - Antichrist 
Lower Than Atlantis - Love Someone Else 
Deaf Havana - Little White Lies 
You Me at Six - Reckless 
Green Day - Oh, Love! 
Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone
Enter Shikari - Meltdown 
We Caught The Castle - Time to Grow
Jayali - I Still Love H.E.R. 
Kesha Van Ford - The One That Got Away (Remix)

You can listen to some of the tracks on Spotify, above, or go directly to the playlist - Feel The Vibe Playlist 21.9.12

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Feel The Vibe : Playlist News!

Our first 'Feel The Vibe : Playlist' show will be brought to you Friday 21st September at 8pm!
The playlist tracks plus more information regarding other shows will be published, right here, shortly after the show. 

'Feel The Vibe: Playlist' is a new event on the radio - it is a selection of the freshest tracks, chosen by the Feel The Vibe radio show host, Adrian. Essentially, it is a simplified version of the Feel The Vibe radio show with less talk and more music. Friday's at 8pm will now either be a Feel The Vibe: Playlist show or a full featured Feel The Vibe radio show.

We hope you enjoy the playlist and we will get back to you soon with more details! 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Maurice - Up-and-Coming Artist - The Pop Artist with Real Talent

There is no denying that Maurice Rabsatt has talent; and at an early age people had picked up on this. Since 2005, Maurice has had many successes with getting his music into film an TV. With four songs on the 'Derailed' film soundtrack - here - this 'fuelled his passion' and since then Maurice has received even more (worthy) recognition. His story and achievements are truly inspirational and we can see him as a successful pop artist in the future.

His single 'Baby' was featured in the Quentin Tarantino film 'The Protector' and he has also sung in front of thousands of people in the NBA playoff's in 2006. As well as this, his music has been used on a Spike TV show called 'Afro Samurai' (featuring Samuel L. Jackson). Now, working more on his new singles, we hope to see Maurice get his own success in the music market in the near future. 

Maurice grew up in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, where he states 'I grew up in the Caribbean and when hurricanes hit the island the power would go out completely, that meant no cable or other distractions so I started listening to the radio a ton and that’s where it began with the music. I started off singing in the choir at church also, so I was exposed to it (music) by default.'. With a voice that is already so suited to the pop music industry, Maurice blends in some Caribbean culture from the main reggae and calypso influences he has had. We found that this Caribbean/Pop infusion makes Maurice stand out as amongst other pop artists and we respect how he has built up his tracks from his culture to  before trying more mainstream ideas to 'give his island family something to relate to'. 

We had the pleasure of asking Maurice some more interview questions to find out some more about him: 
What are your plans for the near future? 
Concerning the future I intend to release 1-3 more singles to continue to build up my buzz. That will determine really when we will release the entire project so stay tuned! I plan on starting my radio promotion in the college market. I think it’s a realistic avenue for me as a new artist. I’m excited to experience this in hopes that it may lead to some college shows!

What led you to become a musician? Who are your main influences?
Music was always something that affected me emotionally. To elaborate, I could be having the worst day and if I put on my favorite song and it doesn’t matter what I went through. Brandy Norwood, Maroon 5, Usher, Adele and the entire Jackson Family!

If you could collaborate with any artist (deceased or living) who would it be?
If I could collaborate, I would love to collaborate with both Brandy and Adam Levine. They’re such different artists that I’m curious to see what sound would come out of our fusion, and of course the late Michael Jackson would have been a humbling and honorable experience.

What has been the best part and hardest part of your career so far? 
The best part and hardest part is being independent. With a major label comes major help, so it’s less stressful on the artist. There are more hands in the pocket with a major but there’s always gives and take in this industry. Not sure where I will end up but I trust that God will guide me like He has been doing already.

Is there a piece of advice that you have stuck to or would give to someone who wanted to pursue a career in music?
Don’t Stop working! With work comes development so never break for long periods of time. Stay consistent in whatever it is you want to do in life.

We love the tracks 'Aoww Woww' and 'Run De Town', which you can listen to previews of here - Also, you can check out the music video for Maurice's debut single 'Love Letter' here -

Official Website

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Feel The Vibe :: Playlist

The 'Feel The Vibe' radio show is currently on a short break so that we can work on some new projects, including an iTunes podcast and finding some more new artists. However, as the Feel The Vibe show is such a huge part in our radio, we are planning to create a new segment, currently known as 'Feel The Vibe :: Playlist'
'FtV :: Playlist'  is going to be a playlist of some great songs that fit the Feel The Vibe show's genres and also from our up-and-coming artists. Adrian will still be your host for this awesome playlist event but there will be less talk and more music. 
We are planning to air 'FtV :: Playlist' when we are unable to have a Feel The Vibe show, at the same 8:00pm (UK) time slot on Friday. This means that every Friday you will always be guaranteed to Feel The Vibe! Also, we will have dedicated slots each day to playing a selection of the tracks from Friday's playlist and new playlist entries, presented by Adrian.
The Feel The Vibe playlist will help keep you in tune with the latest music and we can't wait to get it started! We'll announce when the first playlist show is soon!
Feel The Vibe!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

BAKER Live Performance in LA

Our 'Up-and-Coming artist', BAKER, takes to the stage in LA on August 24th for a live performance!
Electro-pop sensation BAKER has taken audiences across the US by storm with his fun, infectious music. Following a  performance at the world-famous SXSW Music Festival this past March, and a successful music video release for his new single, “Not Gonna Wait” (the video has garnered over 600,000 views on Youtube in just a few weeks), BAKER is ready to wow his fans with an exhilarating live show at Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles.

BAKER will captive the crowd next Friday, August 24th , at 8pm at Molly Malone’s, with a live performance of his new hit single, “Not Gonna Wait”.

BAKER Live at Molly Malone's 
Friday, August 24th @ 8:00pm
575 South Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

After an acoustic performance earlier this month at Genghis Cohen, BAKER is all 
geared up to break out the dance beats again. BAKER, a Harvard educated, classically-trained cellist — Found his true calling for pop music 4 years ago after a visit to Los Angeles, where he collaborated with 
DJ and Producer Kelly Cole. Together they created an up-tempo, soulful dance cover of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box”.  Since then, he has had opportunity to work with some of the biggest producers in the industry, including Greg Ogan (Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Leona Lewis) Eric Sanicola (a member of famed Lady Gaga producer RedOne’s production team), and Kylie Minogue and J.Lo 
hitmakers Cutfather and Damon Sharpe.

To check for dates and to find out more about BAKER, please visit the following 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Feel The Vibe - Show 5 - Koniac Net!

The artist we are featuring is 'The Koniac Net' and we've got a few of their songs to play which are just incredible. In addition, we were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the song-writer and composer - David Abraham, so keep tuned in for that!
The show is on TODAY, the Friday 10th August 2012, at 8pm!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer Plans at Just Another Radio

All logo rights go to YouTube
This Summer, we've already treated to you to exclusive interviews, first-play tracks from new artists and the start of the Feel The Vibe radio show, Series 2. Despite this, we've got some pretty big ideas up our sleeves! 
Firstly, we already use our YouTube channel - JustAnotherRadio2011 - to 'Like' and 'Favourite' some great music videos so that we can share them with you through our Twitter (@Radio_JAR), however, we're actually going to upload some content *shocked face*. Our interview with Jayali plus the other interview to come this series will be going on YouTube as well as other cool things which we will announce as they happen.

Secondly, Feel The Vibe will be making it's way onto iTunes with a new-artists-only podcast. It's going to be a great project and we're working towards getting it done by September or when we have even more artists!

As well as this, you have a few more episodes of Feel The Vibe, Series 2 to look forward to plus new music on the radio. You may or may not have noticed that we have some new jingles which is just one example of the things that we have been up to! 

We have been focusing highly on new artists and so you will be hearing and reading about them over the next few weeks - we hope that you enjoy their music because we can guarantee it is excellent stuff!

Some recommended new singles for this Summer:
Angels - The XX

Sleep Alone - Two Door Cinema Club
Teenage Icon - The Vaccines
Hall of Fame - The Script

Friday, 27 July 2012

Feel The Vibe - Show 4 is on today!

Friday 27th July 
 - 8pm
on Just Another Radio

Tonight's show features some great new music from around the world and also the latest single from the new artist - Roxie LS. 
Unfortunately, our interview with Roxie LS that was scheduled for this show wouldn't be ready in time, however, we will release it separately when Roxie has more time.
As we are going on a short vacation, next week's show will be a repeat of show 2 with Jayali's interview and then there should hopefully be a new episode the week after. 
Enjoy your summer and Feel The Vibe!

Follow at @ifeelthevibe 
and send us any feedback you have on the Feel The Vibe radio shows at!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Baker - Not Gonna Wait - Music Video (Up-and-Coming Artist)

Earlier this year in April we featured the great new pop artist, Baker, on our website. We had the privilege of interviewing him and now, this July, we're excited to share with you his latest music video - 'Not Gonna Wait'! The reception for the video has been overwhelmingly positive and only a few weeks after it's release it's already clocked up over 75,000 views and 325 likes!

Also, since April, our article on BAKER has been shown on his official website, you can find it here -!  

1. What can people expect from your album?
The album will be a true pop album. Big dance bangers, big ballads, and everything in between. I think there are a lot of great singles out there right now but not many good albums and I wanna make sure I've earned the right to have a full LP.

2. Who influences your music and style?

I'm influenced by the likes of David Bowie and Bob Dylan and people who've have had careers spanning decades. They had vision and many times didn't listen to anyone else's opinions out of fear and that's what it takes to be a true artist. My style comes from people like James Dean, Alain Delon, and Kanye West for the same reasons. They wear what feels good for them.... 
You can read the rest of the interview on our original post - here.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Feel The Vibe Show 4 Reminder!

On Friday 27th July, Adrian is bringing along a bunch of new songs and a phenomenal up-and-coming artist - Roxie. Tune in to the Feel The Vibe radio show for an exclusive radio interview and Roxie's latest song! As well as that, in the coming weeks we will be releasing up-and-coming artist articles of all the new artists who have featured in the shows! 
Check out these up-and-coming artists from the last few shows:

There will be no Feel The Vibe show on the 3rd August as we will be on vacation, but that doesn't mean we won't stop playing great new music! During the time we are away, we will be listening for new songs, compiling playlists, emailing new artists and writing articles. 

Also, we have been looking into creating an iTunes podcast with music from our up-and-coming artists which you can download. We will keep you informed about this in the next few weeks and it is likely to be released at the end of Series 2 of the Feel The Vibe shows.

Follow at @ifeelthevibe 
and send us any feedback you have on the Feel The Vibe radio shows at!

Feel The Vibe - Show 3 on demand

Catch 'Show 3, Series 2' of the Feel The Vibe radio show at any time here

'Adrian plays music non-stop for 40 minutes and airs as single of the week "The City" by The 1975.'

Feel The Vibe is a radio show that brings to you all the alternative genres, from indie to rock, from urban to punk, from dubstep to dancehall and drum and bass to funk.  All of this in almost 40 to 50 minutes. You will also get to hear some exclusive interviews from up-and-coming artists, first-play songs and many other awesome things. 
Stay tuned and FEEL THE VIBE!

Follow at @ifeelthevibe

Friday, 13 July 2012

Feel The Vibe - Show 2 on demand

Tune in for the exclusive interview with Jayali & worldwide exclusive first-play of their newest single, I Still Love H.E.R. Also, The Killers take the single of the week plus music from Knife Party and a Bonfire. Listen now, on demand, to the show! 
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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Feel The Vibe - Show 2

If you haven't noticed the giant banner above this sentence, Jayali, a fresh hip-hop artist, is going to be featured on this week's radio show as our up-and-coming artist. His music is truly incredible and we are honoured to share it with you but that's not all...
For the first time ever on Just Another Radio, we will be having an exclusive radio interview with Jayali where he tells us about his music and more. In addition, (because we want to spoil you), we will be RELEASING his newest single 'I Still Love H.E.R.'...

You'll have to tune in 
at 8pm (UK)
Friday 13th July
on Just Another Radio 
to hear all this exclusive content and more great music from Adrian.

Feel The Vibe!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Feel The Vibe - Episode 1

To listen to the episode on demand, use the link below!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Feel The Vibe - Show 1 Reminder

This Friday, the 6th of July, the Feel The Vibe radio show will be returning for it's biggest and best series to date. It airs at 8pm in the UK (GMT+1 , BST) and it's host, Adrian, will introduce you to some awesome new tracks and new artists that we have contacted!

Tune in at 8pm (UK time, BST) on Friday 6th July for the premiere of Series 2 of the Feel The Vibe radio show!

More details about the show will be revealed throughout the week and on our Twitter - @Radio_JAR.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Feel The Vibe - Series 2 News

Over the the last few weeks we have sent out a message: new artists needed. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response and a line-up for the first few shows of Series 2 of Feel The Vibe has been created. We don't want to reveal much now, but the new artists we have are outstanding and cover a wide range of genres.
There has been a huge amount of preparation for this summer; we have created a plan and we are going to try to get as much done as is humanly possible. So prepare for at least 4 new Up-and-Coming artist articles and a brand new series of the Feel The Vibe radio show, every Friday at 8pm (UK time).
Feel The Vibe radio show is returning on 
Friday 6th July 2012 
at 8pm 
on Just Another Radio

What is the Feel The Vibe radio show?

Feel The Vibe is a radio show that brings to you all the alternative genres, from indie to rock, from urban to punk, from dubstep to dancehall and drum and bass to funk. 
All of this in almost 40 to 50 minutes. You will also get to hear some exclusive interviews, first-play songs and many other things.
The show's categories includes:
The Album of the Week - where a song that describes the album best will be played
The Exclusive Vibe of the Week  - an exclusive worldwide play will be aired in the show
Single of the Week - is the song that was on replay all over the past days worldwide
NEW VIBE - In this category, Adrian plays a song from an up-and-coming artist that you never heard of
Playlist Entry - Presenting the song that from this moment will be part of Just Another Radio's playlist

Catch Series 1 here to listen to great new artists and find great music with Adrian -

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Twitter-y & Facebook-ness!

It's only a few weeks until it is decided whether we will become a permanent radio - and currently, we are well above the amount of listening hours required to stay permanent, so thank you's to all our listeners! Soon we will be making the final preparations for the Feel The Vibe shows and implementing the major improvements, so there is a lot to look forward to!
In the meantime, we are very busy with work and so we will try and keep you updated as best we can through Twitter and Facebook. So remember to Like and Follow us to support our work, get the latest news and encourage us to make Just Another Radio a better radio station for everyone.

                                                             Main Twitter - @Radio_JAR 
                                                      Feel The Vibe (Twitter)- @IFeelTheVibe 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Festival Season! Download Festival & Capital Summer Time Ball & Bonnaroo

We're here to bring you the low-down on this year's Summer festivals! Throughout these summer months, I will be posting video's, making playlists and writing posts about 2012's summer festivals. These post's will be all labelled with 'Festivals' and so you can find all the posts that we do on it, quickly and efficiently.

Today, June 9th 2012, there is the Download Festival,  the Bonnaroo Festival and the Capital Summer Time Ball! For those of you that can't make the concert, we'll be bringing the music to Just Another Radio and keeping you informed of all the news! 

Download Festival - 8th-10th June 2012, Donington Park - Website - Line Up - #DL2012
The line up for June 9th: Metallica, Biffy Clyro, Tenacious D, Steel Panther, Trivium, Black Veil Brides, Saxon and As I Lay Dying.

Here's a playlist on Spotify with songs by the artists that performed - DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2012
 (All credit to image source and no copyright intended)
Capital Summer Time Ball - Starts at 4pm! - Website - #CapitalSTB
Coldplay performing
Image from @CapitalOfficial
Over 80,000 people turned up at Wembley for this year's Summer Time Ball.
The pop artists performing include:
Coldplay, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Cover Drive, Usher, The Wanted, Conor Maynard, Kelly Clarkson, Flo Rida, Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Jessie J, Example, Ed Sheeran, Lawson and Pitbull.

There was a surprise appearance from Dizzee Rascal and Cheryl Cole. Cheryl came on stage wearing a bright rainbow jumpsuit to perform her latest single 'Call My Name'. You can read more about the performance on Capital's website - link

On Twitter, Cheryl Cole's performance seemed like it was a hit; even Jamal Edwards - the creator of SBTV. - commented that she 'completely smacked her performance at Capital's Summer Time Ball - stunning!'. Also, according to @heatworld - 'Justin Bieber got stuck in the Capital Summer Time Ball lift for 15 mins.' Jessie J and Ed Sheeran have also had comments saying how outstanding they are at performing live. 

Bonnaroo Festival 2012 - 7th-10th June 2012 - Website - Live Stream - Line Up 

 (All credit to image source and no copyright intended) 
YouTube are broadcasting the festival and so you can catch it using the 'Live Stream' link, above.
The Line Up includes Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish, The Beach Boys, Foster The People, Skrillex, Feist, Alice Cooper and many, many more!

The Parklife Weekender - 9th & 10th June - Website  - News
The Line Up includes Noah & The Whale, Dizzee Rascal, Nero, Justice, The Flaming Lips and a lot more!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Feel The Vibe show - New Artist's Wanted!

Good news! A brand new 'Feel The Vibe radio show' series will be returning this summer and it has been promised to be the best series yet as it features more artists and more music than ever before . We are looking for some new artists to introduce to our listeners, so if that's you, please contact us (details below)!

 If you are a musician, please send your track(s) to with the 'subject' name as 'Feel The Vibe'. If you would like to include some background information for Adrian to tell to the listeners, that would be welcomed. We will get back to you as soon as we can with details on if we are going to use it and  when it will be played! 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Best British Bands of All Time

2012 sees Britain celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 London Olympics, which is why we feel that a countdown of the best British bands ever would be very suited for our 100th blog post. 
As you will probably know, Britain has produced - and continues to produce - some of the most successful bands, whose hits are shared worldwide. From The Beatles to Muse, there is a truly diverse range of music and so reaching a conclusion on which order to put them in was next to impossible - below we've listed all the noteworthy bands we can think of and then chosen our Top 10 best British bands ever. 

Noteworthy (In no particular order) 
 Led Zeppelin, The Bee Gees, Queen, Pendulum, The Verve, The Prodigy , Black Sabbath, Gorillaz, Deep Purple, Oasis, Kasabian , Kaiser Chiefs , The Cure, Coldplay, The Arctic Monkeys, Stereophonics, Jamiroquai, The Police, Razorlight, Dire Straits, Madness, The Libertines and many more!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Facebook-ness!

The new cover photo! 
There have been some updates on our Facebook page including a built in radio player, the latest news, links to songs and artists and our new cover photo! We are currently at 21 likes which is awesome but if you haven't liked it yet, move your little cursor over to our page at and hit the 'Like' button.

Friday, 18 May 2012


 I'm going to be quite busy with exams and what-not but as soon as they are over we shall rock all day, every day, forever. Hopefully, I'll be back with live shows, new Up-and-Coming artists, Olympic coverage and concert coverage! For now, keep checking our Twitter account @Radio_JAR for regular updates as it's likely I won't be posting as often as usual. 

The radio has had some improvements regarding the schedule and it seems to be working great because we are currently in the 'safe zone' as we are getting enough listening hours to continue!

Also, check out Animal Collective's new single's 'Honeycomb' and 'Gotham' -

Monday, 7 May 2012

Series 1 - Feel The Vibe radio show

The Feel The Vibe radio show had ended for now and will hopefully return in the Summer if there is positive feedback from this series. 
You can listen to all the episodes here -! 

Adrian's thoughts about returning in Summer can be found on his Tumblr, click here for the link.

Here is a brief summary of the shows - 
Feel The Vibe is a radio show that brings to you all the alternative genres, from indie to rock, from urban to punk, from dubstep to dancehall and drum and bass to funk. 

All of this in just 40 minutes. You will also get to hear some exclusive interviews, music news, first-play songs and many other things. Stay tuned and Feel the Vibe!

If you are interested in doing your own radio show for Just Another Radio, please contact us at!