Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Baker - Not Gonna Wait - Music Video (Up-and-Coming Artist)

Earlier this year in April we featured the great new pop artist, Baker, on our website. We had the privilege of interviewing him and now, this July, we're excited to share with you his latest music video - 'Not Gonna Wait'! The reception for the video has been overwhelmingly positive and only a few weeks after it's release it's already clocked up over 75,000 views and 325 likes!

Also, since April, our article on BAKER has been shown on his official website, you can find it here -  http://www.bakermusic.com/press/baker-featured-just-another-radio!  

1. What can people expect from your album?
The album will be a true pop album. Big dance bangers, big ballads, and everything in between. I think there are a lot of great singles out there right now but not many good albums and I wanna make sure I've earned the right to have a full LP.

2. Who influences your music and style?

I'm influenced by the likes of David Bowie and Bob Dylan and people who've have had careers spanning decades. They had vision and many times didn't listen to anyone else's opinions out of fear and that's what it takes to be a true artist. My style comes from people like James Dean, Alain Delon, and Kanye West for the same reasons. They wear what feels good for them.... 
You can read the rest of the interview on our original post - here.

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