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Maurice - Up-and-Coming Artist - The Pop Artist with Real Talent

There is no denying that Maurice Rabsatt has talent; and at an early age people had picked up on this. Since 2005, Maurice has had many successes with getting his music into film an TV. With four songs on the 'Derailed' film soundtrack - here - this 'fuelled his passion' and since then Maurice has received even more (worthy) recognition. His story and achievements are truly inspirational and we can see him as a successful pop artist in the future.

His single 'Baby' was featured in the Quentin Tarantino film 'The Protector' and he has also sung in front of thousands of people in the NBA playoff's in 2006. As well as this, his music has been used on a Spike TV show called 'Afro Samurai' (featuring Samuel L. Jackson). Now, working more on his new singles, we hope to see Maurice get his own success in the music market in the near future. 

Maurice grew up in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, where he states 'I grew up in the Caribbean and when hurricanes hit the island the power would go out completely, that meant no cable or other distractions so I started listening to the radio a ton and that’s where it began with the music. I started off singing in the choir at church also, so I was exposed to it (music) by default.'. With a voice that is already so suited to the pop music industry, Maurice blends in some Caribbean culture from the main reggae and calypso influences he has had. We found that this Caribbean/Pop infusion makes Maurice stand out as amongst other pop artists and we respect how he has built up his tracks from his culture to  before trying more mainstream ideas to 'give his island family something to relate to'. 

We had the pleasure of asking Maurice some more interview questions to find out some more about him: 
What are your plans for the near future? 
Concerning the future I intend to release 1-3 more singles to continue to build up my buzz. That will determine really when we will release the entire project so stay tuned! I plan on starting my radio promotion in the college market. I think it’s a realistic avenue for me as a new artist. I’m excited to experience this in hopes that it may lead to some college shows!

What led you to become a musician? Who are your main influences?
Music was always something that affected me emotionally. To elaborate, I could be having the worst day and if I put on my favorite song and it doesn’t matter what I went through. Brandy Norwood, Maroon 5, Usher, Adele and the entire Jackson Family!

If you could collaborate with any artist (deceased or living) who would it be?
If I could collaborate, I would love to collaborate with both Brandy and Adam Levine. They’re such different artists that I’m curious to see what sound would come out of our fusion, and of course the late Michael Jackson would have been a humbling and honorable experience.

What has been the best part and hardest part of your career so far? 
The best part and hardest part is being independent. With a major label comes major help, so it’s less stressful on the artist. There are more hands in the pocket with a major but there’s always gives and take in this industry. Not sure where I will end up but I trust that God will guide me like He has been doing already.

Is there a piece of advice that you have stuck to or would give to someone who wanted to pursue a career in music?
Don’t Stop working! With work comes development so never break for long periods of time. Stay consistent in whatever it is you want to do in life.

We love the tracks 'Aoww Woww' and 'Run De Town', which you can listen to previews of here - http://mauriceonline.net/mr/audio-page/. Also, you can check out the music video for Maurice's debut single 'Love Letter' here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cQpVDBlY4s&noredirect=1.

Official Websitehttp://mauriceonline.net/mr/

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