Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stats & Monthly Review - Advanced User

 'We're glad to announce you that your daily average audience is 121 streamed hours [on average over a 30 day period], thus you have reached the audience level required. Congratulations!'

Just Another Radio lives on! We've just received the email to say we can continue broadcasting for 6 months because we've had enough listeners. February has been a busy month for Just Another Radio; we smashed our own highest record several times (it currently stands at over 200 listening hours in one day!) and have added/are adding lots of new (incredible) Up-and-Coming artists. In addition, we've been featured on the front page of Radionomy itself! As well as this, at the start of February, we had the Indie themed Top 10 and created that ever-so-awesome post on the best Indie songs of 2012 so far. Although we haven't had any live shows yet, that doesn't mean we haven't been working on them! They are almost ready to get broadcasting, we just need to fix and fine tune some technical shenanigans. 

'Your radio is now 'Advanced', and you have a 6 months period to reach the second audience level of 130 daily streamed hours to become a 'Premium' user.' 

However, the work to keep Just Another Radio doesn't stop here. Very recently stats have been lower than normal and this is impacting our average streaming hours. We need to get over 130 average hours and that means we need you to keep tuning in! March is filled with lots of ideas for Just Another Radio from improved Top 10 live shows, more music, more up-and-coming artists and starting work on a project for our YouTube channel. 
Keep listening!

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