Thursday, 1 March 2012

Deeper Upper - Up-and-Coming Artist

We've recently added Deeper Upper to our radio and Up-and-Coming artists section. They are an indie band that are inconceivably awesome and bursting with creativity. Each song is an individual and it's really great that we can add them to our Up-and-Coming section.
Since originally starting in Lithuania, Deeper Upper are becoming rapidly know by people across the world, including us! In what they call 'sonic chaos' their original music ideas and inspiration really gives the band a unique sound that a listener can appreciate. In songs such as 'In the Sands of a Desert' the drums, guitar and synth effortlessly fit together however, unlike other rock/alternative songs, it's the creativity that shines through. The lyrics. The riffs. The sound effects. All these components generate the elegance in how the song is produced. We believe it all comes together in their music video (below).

Their successes range from being featured on many Indie blogs (notably "Itʻs All Indie") and they have been included in the Top 30 of an Indie Lithuanian website called (where they have been rated by the listeners)! We know that with more support and with more and more people spreading the word, Deeper Upper will be a name you will be hearing a lot in the future.

Support them and listen to their tracks!