Monday, 5 March 2012

iLL-iteracy - Up-and-Coming Artist

iLL-iteracy are bringing rap
 to Just Another Radio.
Only rarely, will you  find a new rap artists that are true to rap. iLL-iteracy are one of those artists. As often as the phrase is used today, iLL-iteracy are genuinely a fresh, distinctive group.  You can download their album 'The Ensembly Line' from their website and also check out their 'iLL-it beatz' that have samples which are free to use. 

Each member of iLL-iteracy have 'developed affinities for music early on in their lives' and this passion sets iLL-iteracy apart from other artists. Also, from reading their biography and listening to their music you can realise how strong each members relationships are and the amount of work that they put into their music as a group. 
'After school, each of the members would gather around a computer, a base-model plastic computer microphone, and a technologically inferior recording program just for kicks.  There was no mission in mind; no money-making scheme...  There was just music.'

  We truly appreciate the fact that they do not aim for money. When money becomes the sole purpose of doing something that requires heart, it won't work. iLL-iteracy do not follow other 'trends' because (anyone who uses Twitter will know) trends aren't permanent. Real music, however, is. 
        'The members of iLL-iteracy are Scott Dudley - "Chris Prythm", Kirk Dudley - "Speek Eazy", Corey English - "WiLL Spitwell", and George Trent -   "Young Observe".  Their sound is inspirational but far from ignorantly blissful and their musical arsenal ranges from upbeat anthems to thought provoking, more conscious selections.'

I believe that iLL-iteracy will get far, they've said themselves 'the motivation that pushes them harder and fuels the hunger that so many others lack'. They are aiming for what they deserve through their dedication and hard-work. We feel so privileged to support them and hope that us helping them now is just a first step for them to achieve as much as they can. 

Listen out for some of their tracks on Just Another Radio and support them! 
Ill-iteracy's Website:
Twitter!/iLLiteracy - @iLLiteracy

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