Tuesday, 20 March 2012

White Powder Gold - Up-and-Coming artist

White Powder Gold pack bundles of energy, enthusiasm and nothing but rock into every song. Their singles 'Can't Stop Me Now' , 'RockNRolla' and the 'Can't Stop Me Now' remix by Lewi White, will be played on Just Another Radio from this week. 
White Powder Gold are a new indie/rock band based in London.  They have been described as having an 'indie style with an urban twist' and we absolutely love this blend of genres. They have been featured on BBC Introducing, Alt Sounds and MTV Wrap-Up and are set to have a bright future in the music industry.
'Can't Stop Me Now' combines an addicting bass line intertwined with the awesome riff and rocking vocals to create 3 minutes and 49 seconds of pure awesome. More importantly for some, the lyrics evoke being unstoppable and alive, much like rock music itself. Its hard to remember the last time a rock group has displayed such talent with such attitude and power. 
'RockNRolla' is the song that pushes the boundaries. A high tempo. A catchy riff. Turn-it-up worthy vocals. Everything a rock song should have. It shows off the diversity of the group and honestly, I can't pick a favourite song as they are all unique in their own awesome way. 
Overall, White Powder Gold revive rock and smash almost every modern pop artist out of the water. Both these singles should be on your mp3 player or laptop by the end of today and if they are not, I will be very disappointed in you :P Their music is addicting and any rock fan should keep an eye out for them in the future as they have huge potential. 

We asked them a few questions, and here's what they said:

What inspired you to become a band?
The progression from playing to a cd to live needed the sound of a full band so we grew with our sound.

Who are your main influences?
Stooge's, Stones Roses, Sizzla, 2pac, Beastie Boys, Muddy Waters, Rage against the Machine and the Beasty boys

What is your best memory with White Powder Gold?
When we found the right musicians for the band and the sound progressed.

Where does the name come from?  
The name comes from the subatomic element of the ancient Egyptians . It was rediscovered recently , it was eaten to to heighten brain connectivity .

Their fan base is growing rapidly and you also can support them on Facebook here - www.facebook.com/whitepowdergold - and Twitter here - www.twitter.com/whitepowdergold

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