Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Radio Revolution

With thousands of people joining new music services such as Spotify or listening to short radio shows on sites like Mixcloud and Spreaker, where does the future of internet radio lie?
It doesn't seem likely that internet radio will become extinct any time soon because of the 'Rise Of The Smartphones' (that should totally be a movie). However, with the growing popularity of Spotify ,which is often linked with social networks, streaming music is spreading fast and gaining momentum. Some people will no longer listen to their favourite internet radio station as the giant library of music is now waiting on their desktop, ready to be clicked on...but wait! Internet Radios must have an answer to this, surely? Websites and services such as iTunes radio, TuneIn Radio and Radionomy have hundreds of internet radio stations and we mustn't forget that playlists and radio are different things. 

Radios make you feel so much more involved with the music, the artists and the community of radio hosts. Consequently, the internet takes another strike at internet radio: Spreaker and Mixcloud. But is this actually an attack on internet radio or just a revolution of it? These websites are giving people the freedom of Spotify as well as the feel of internet radio. Once again reinventing how we listen to music. 
So, what are we, Just Another Radio, going to do about this? Firstly, we are going to improve our radio as much as we possibly can. Creating a huge variety of rock, indie, alternative and urban tracks we hope to appeal to a wide audience and hopefully more people will appreciate these different styles of music. The next few weeks will see a major improvement in the radio! Secondly, we are going to embrace the revolution. We are trying to link our Top 10 shows with Spotify, create the Ultimate Playlist on Spotify and creating live shows on Spreaker or Mixcloud. We will simply link all our accounts back to here, Just Another Radio. Internet Radio is going to better than ever, and we hope you can stay tuned in for the journey.

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