Thursday, 15 March 2012

Feel The Vibe

On Friday 16th March at 6:30pm (GMT) we will be airing our first ever 'Feel The Vibe' radio show, hosted by Adrian Anghel.

Feel The Vibe is a radio show that brings to you all the alternative genres, from indie to rock, from urban to punk, from dubstep to dancehall and drum and bass to funk. 

All of this in just 30 minutes. You will also get to hear some exclusive interviews, first-play songs and many other things. Stay tuned and feel the vibe!

Staying true to our radio revolution (see here) the episode will be available to listen to on Spreaker and also you can hear it on the website. You can access it before the show is aired on Friday and will stay available since! We'll keep you informed if we decide to do more shows or repeats and when they happen!

Check out the website here - Spreaker  and remember to 'Like' our Facebook page

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