Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Just Another Update

In recent news, I have submitted Just Another Radio to some radio hosting sites. Already, within 24 hours, one application has been put on a site called Radio Shaker.

In the future I am looking forward to putting the radio on iTunes and other sites, however I need a lot more listeners if a future for the radio is going to exist because otherwise the site that is hosting my radio will delete Just Another Radio. 

In 3 months, we will measure your average daily audience level of your radio, by then:
- If your radio station doesn’t perform 12 streaming hours per day (30 days average), it shall be deactivated and removed from the Radionomy platform, in conformity with our general conditions of use.
- If your radio station reaches an average daily audience of 12 streaming hours, you will become an advanced user.   

Please listen to Just Another Radio frequently and tell everyone about it to see if they like it otherwise it will disappear.


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