Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Plans at Just Another Radio

Image from Digitalart

Here at Just Another Radio HQ (my room) I am getting all the stuff ready on the radio for this week in the build up to Christmas day and New Years! I've added some Christmas songs (by artists such as Frank Sinatra and different Orchestra's) and made them into a day template. We've also got plans to record a chat-session/podcast that we will air later but the air-date is still to be confirmed as we need to record + edit it. 
As usual, we will be playing awesome alternative rock songs, your requests and feel-good tracks. 

Remember to keep tuning in so that we can survive until the end of February! We need enough listeners for the hosting site to keep letting us broadcast! 

Also, add to the #UltimatePlaylist campaign by emailing or tweeting us @Radio_JAR with the hashtag #UltimatePlaylist as well as your favourite song!


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