Friday, 23 December 2011

How to open Just Another Radio in Windows Media Player

Here is a guide on how to download a Windows Media Player stream of Just Another Radio so that you can listen to it (if you don't have the Radionomy Plugin which most people don't have) and so you can save the link to your desktop. 

 Summary: Click the 'Radio Stream Download' located in the sidebar and then open the download. You can then save it to desktop for quick access (internet still required).

1. Click Radio Stream Download under 'Links' in the sidebar of this site. (Circled in picture)

Google Chrome Downloads
2. If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, it will download like this. You can click on it and then it will open in Window Media Player. To save the link to your computer, simply find the place it has downloaded to and then move it to where you want.
Other Browsers
2 (Alternative). In other browsers it may open up in a box like this. Press 'Open With' to open the Media Player or 'Save File' to save the link to your computer.

Saved link on computer desktop
Windows Media Player

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