Sunday, 20 November 2011

Scheduling & Stuff

Scheduling and stuff and problems and updates
 and solutions and more problems and good things 
and bad things and rotas!
Our Radio Manager issue is still going on as our ingenious solution didn't work. :( We might have to separate the week days between us, so we both have music libraries but they aren't the same. However, this is a good thing! We have a wider music library and days can be themed and different so it keeps it fresh.

The music at the moment does go with the time it is. In the morning there is feel-good, calm reggae, soul and funk. Then gradually, you move into more chart songs and rock. As the day progresses there will be some more rap. Finally, at night there will be more dubstep. In addition, we won't just stop the reggae, funk and soul, as that is what our radio focuses around. There is a nice mix during the middle of the day, where there is an equal bit of 

Some song names and artists to be revealed later on! Please submit your song suggestions and favourite artists in the comments or tweet us @Radio_JAR

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