Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Day 3 - Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes
We haven't really posted any 'blog-like' posts yet,
 so here goes:
Day -1 mainly consisted of conversations similar to these: "Are we actually going to make an internet radio?" ,"What shall we call it?" , "Oh, I really wish that name wasn't taken." After several hours of searching for names that hadn't been taken, we came up with Just Another Radio (sometimes abbreviated as JAR).  We created accounts on Twitter, Blogger and Gmail. Then dreadful things happened, nah, I just said that so you would click read more. Press read more? Please? 

Day 1 was where we found Radionomy, a internet radio hosting site. From here we downloaded all the necessary programs, did the research, but mostly listened to music. Tweeting was also done. Lot's of tweeting. 

Day 2 was where our 'music listening research' paid off as we began to compile playlists. Then, unexpectedly, a dramatic fatal error to the systems. Well, sort of. The songs were syncing to eachothers laptops and so a backup was needed, literally. We searched forums, emailed, but nothing. Was this the end? Of course not, we're still running aren't we? Blogging and tweeting also consumed our lives here.

Day 3, today, is where we found a solution. By saving a backup version of the software, we can restore it on eachothers computers and hopefully it would work. Hopefully! It's not the most interesting story and I guess you probably don't want to hear about the epic adventures to rescue the world via means of restoring history and inventing the triangle (both the instrument and shape). 

So there it is, the tale of 3 standard, unexciting days.
Here's a picture of our music library at some point in the past:

If you read all that, I'd be impressed - even I didn't read it all but then again I have the attention span of a 


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