Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Make It YOUR Radio

Make It YOUR Radio
It's so easy to just look past posts like these, especially with a cliche title like that ^ , but if just this once you didn't - you would be in for a treat. In short, this post is about how you can get involved with the radio and how you can help mould it into the radio you want to listen to
1. How you can shape how the radio develops
2. How you can feature on the radio

1. Many people who don't listen to radios have reasons such as 'they don't play music I like' , 'too much talking' etc.  So, we are asking you to help us create a radio you would want to listen to - and this won't stop once we are broadcasting; we are going to continually develop our radio. "How could I possibly do this?" I hear you ask (I'm psychic or something) - you can comment, tweet about it or email us or even all three (details at bottom). You can tell us anything from your favourite song, how much we should talk, when we should play certain music and any other appropriate suggestions you might have. 

2. Are you an aspiring musical artist, songwriter or producer? With your consent, we would be willing to air your music in our Up-and-Coming artist time-slot. All we ask in return is you ask people to listen to our radio. It's a win-win, we get listeners, you get listeners. For further details email justanotherradio@gmail.com
Now you know all you need to know about how to make Just Another Radio your radio. 
We look forward to hearing from you!
Twitter - @Radio_JAR
Email - justanotherradio@gmail.com
Blog - www.justanotherradio.blogspot.com

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