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Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys (MC&LH) - Up-and-Coming artist + Interview

Our latest Up-and-Coming artist, Mark Cashin & The Lil' Hussy's (MC&LH)

As any music enthusiast will know, a song becomes a great song when it carries a meaningful message; this is possibly why MC&LH's hit songs have such an appeal to the rock audiences. We feel that 'Ordinary People', 'Black 'n' Blue' and  'California' are some of their stand-out tracks on their album Cashology as their charisma and talent seem to effortlessly combine to create these infectiously catchy and dynamic rock songs. They bring back the sound of rock and we're looking forward to their third album coming out in 2012.Although they are becoming increasingly connected with the global media industry, we felt that they deserved somte more recognition and to help spread the word we will be playing some of their songs on Just Another Radio! 

The interview is a really interesting read and tells you so much about the bands roots, ambitions and influences as well as some of the main highlights in their musical careers. We had the privilege of being able to ask them a few questions, and here is how they responded:
Who / what inspired you to be a band?

We are all driven by; similar things in life. For me (Mark) I’d say, to make music that everyone can sing along to, 

music that has meaning, to be different from everyone else & of course to make some money along the way would
 also be nice & enjoy what we do, while we are doing it!

For me playing with many bands throughout the years – I guess it was just the right time after recording my first 
album ‘Bed of Light’ which was primarily written while I was in recovery from a near fatal car accident & the genesis
 of Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys began. We all came together to share these works of art with the world & create
 music, a new sound that people will like, we hope & so far so good. The band members all come from different
 backgrounds & have also played with various bands and are all very passionate about what we do writing catchy 
songs & playing our music. 

'This is a way of life for us, not just a job or hobby. Every second of our lives, we eat, 
live, breathe and sleep music. So becoming a band was just naturally the next step.'

Which musical artists inspire you & what are your main influences?

(Mark) My influences are derived from many different areas - my music influences do stem from bands as: The
 Police, Super Tramp, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Ozzy then to the punk styles of The Clash & The Ramones mainly. 
Where I also enthrall myself into the grunge movement as well with 2 years during the 90's I was performing as the
 front man for The Australian Pearl Jam Show heaps of fun, packed out venues & a totally amazing experience 
which all has added to developing of my songwriting craft taking into consideration really I am a drummer. 
My influences have evoked that colorful & diverse melodic foundation extending into the present day of driving Mark 
Cashin & The Lil Hussys music & performances into a global audience. Commitment, passion & the belief in what 
you do also has a major impact in the essence of who you become & who we actually are known to be in a band 
sense of Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys.To rehash on influences they can come from anywhere: abstract concepts
I have in my mind or they could be simply be an everyday random melody brain attack. So you have to keep on going,
 never give in, no matter what & use every life experience turning a negative into a positive works well too.

What do you get up to in a general band session? Who does what etc.?

Obviously we all have our part to play here, while focusing on always providing a new way to deliver the next show the 
sound of our songs & the performance so it differs slightly to the last show we have done. Compiling new set lists & 
working off these allows everyone in the band to contribute to the next show & ensuring that we cater for the venues 
vibes & who we may be playing with. ‘Practice makes perfect ummmm- take two’ haha…with our third album in pre
 production now for release later in 2012 practice is the key always practicing & performing the songs – capturing
 the vibe how they sound on the albums & iron out anything that doesn’t sound like it belongs – slotting in new music.
 Band sessions are pretty much a weeknight thing – bash our set out & tweaking the songs instrumentally & vocally 
to keep tight & diverse & do it all again the next week LIVE.

The band:

Mark   - Lead singer & guitar
Jethro  - Drums & percussion / bv’s
Dave - Bass guitar / bv’s
Jimi   - Lead guitar / bv’s
Matty - Rhythm guitar / bv’s


What would you like to do with the band in the future?

Definitely international touring – we would love to actually leave our county & visit different countries & cultures 
introducing our music to new audiences by performing live. Get over to play in USA pick up our tour that is still 
on hold until we get an invite to perform or the US Embassy will allow us to enter America just to play our music.
 I can see the band playing some major shows & venues rockin’ the world & also performing with some brilliant 
bands & artists. If we can do it here in Oz we can do it anywhere. Continuing to create great new albums & 
showcase globally.

What are your best memories as a band?

There are a few: Meeting some amazing people, meeting fans who flew out from USA to our CASHOLOGY 
album launch here in Australia, touring, the support of our fans & friends around the world, rockin the venues
 & being asked back to play again that’s always a good thing, the global media interest we have picked up 
along the way radio & press is outstanding & continuing to strengthen our relationships as a bandwith the 
media. Performing acoustically in studio on commercial radio & having a classic top live to air interview
 hmmm – t’was a funny day. Playing with some of Australia’s most iconic artists this has been a real honor
 for us. Lastly but not least - I'd say being selected to play at the annual event at Sydney Town Hall for the
Homeless – Homeless Connect, it’s heart wrenching day & homelessness it could happen to anyone. 

''We are honored they selected our band to perform based on our song ‘Ordinary People’. 
Which is about the people, by the people & for the people as underneath it all we all are just ordinary people.''

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