Monday, 30 April 2012

Fine-Tuning & Future Projects

With only 4 months to go until the dreaded day where we will either be permanent or deleted (in relation to the amount of listeners we have), there have been a few small projects planned and some recent news.
  • YouTube Project - We have a YouTube channel - JustAnotherRadio2011 - where we currently support some new artists. However, we hope to release a few videos with information about us and also with some radio interviews. In addition, after the success of our post about our Top 15 Indie songs of 2012, we could make some videos sharing a selection of songs.
  • Feel The Vibe Radio Show - Adrian is currently doing some other projects and so won't be doing any Feel The Vibe radio show's, however, he says that he will try to return during the Summer where we will be doing coverage and including news of the latest concerts. A link to the first bundle of Feel The Vibe radio shows should appear soon.
  • Ultimate Playlist 'Upgrade' - It would be great to restart our Ultimate Playlist Project and hopefully get more song suggestions. Look out for more news soon!
  • Major Radio Improvements - In the next few weeks I will be very busy, so although there won't be much interaction, behind the scenes there will be a lot of fine-tuning of the songs for the radio, new jingles and hopefully some live shows. Anyone who wishes to do any live shows can apply by emailing us at! 

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